Feeder length inside of sub panel.


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Feeder length inside of sub panel.

What is the general preference for feeder length inside of a panel? I have a sub panel in the garage that will be the "main" (for lack of a better word) sub panel that feeds all other panels in the other out buildings. This panel will be fed from the actual main panel in the house. This panel is mounted upside down, which puts the main breaker at the bottom. The feed will come up from the bottom through sch 40 PVC. This puts the main breaker about 4 or so inches from the end of, as well as, centered just above the conduit. The neutral lug is also positioned between the lugs for the hot legs. This panel will be fed with 3/0 XHHW in aluminum. Should I just go right into the lugs, or should I make some sort of loop along the side, inside the panel? Thanks John.
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Some prefer an extra bit for future use if ever needed, others go straight into the lugs. Sometimes a slight bend makes it easier to get the wires into the lugs.

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