ajk413 Help with installing a GFCI outlet

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ajk413 Help with installing a GFCI outlet

I have a electrical outlet next to my BBQ that could might be used when cooking, and is currently being used for our pool cleaner. I am trying to replace it with a GFCI outlet, but am having some issues. Below is what's happening, does anybody have any suggestions. I also have 2 pictures attached: One with the white outlet is the original configuration and works.. The second one is with the black GFCI outlet. I am not an electrician and am a newly first time home buyer.

Configuration - To the best of my knowledge:
  • Power is coming into the box via the Red wires
  • Green is Ground
  • White is the neutral
  • I'm assuming the Black goes to the light.
  • Outlet is a 120v 15Amp

  • The GFCI light is on when I switch the breaker back on.
  • I can plug in my outlet tester and the appropriate lights light up
  • When I switch on the light switch the GFCI trips and the light goes off and the indicator goes off. When I push reset the indicator light is back on and outlet works.
  • I also tried connecting the White wire to the bottom screw and the LED Indicator never came on
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If it is wired the way you think it is the usual wiring color conventions haven't been followed. Red is usually the switched hot not the constant hot. My recommendation would be to disconnect the three conductor cable and using either a multimeter or test light but not a non contact tester measure the voltage first between black and white and then between red and white of the three conductor cable.

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You sure there isn't a GFCI receptacle protecting this upstream? All of my GFCI receptacles are inside the house.
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I think power comes in at the light so there may be no GFCI up stream. If you don't have a meter open the light.

At the light I'm guessing you will find one 3-conductor (+ground) cable and one 2-conductor (+ground) cable. The red of the 3-conductor cable wire nutted to the black of the 2-conductor cable and the black of the 3-conductor cable to the black of the light. (Reverse of usual wiring practices where red is the switched not black but code compliant.)
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The GFI is seeing current leaving on the bottom red wire, but there is no neutral conductor on the load side so the GFI is tripping.

Move the bottom red to the other hole on the brass LINE side in order to feed the switch.

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