Ciruit breaker keeps tripping


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Ciruit breaker keeps tripping

I have central air, and the breaker it is tied to keeps tripping everytime the ac kicks on, which then just blows air through the vents.

The washer seems to be the only thing as far as I can tell shares the breaker with the AC and that doesn't seem to be a direct issue.

I have just recently moved into this house (about 5 weeks ago) and this happen on time during that time. Two days ago it began tripping everytime the AC comes on, but will stay flipped back on until the ac shuts off then the breaker will trip when it comes back on later.

Any suggestions would be appreciated !
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The breaker shouldn't be shared with anything. I don't know why they would put the washer on the same breaker as the outdoor unit. (That is what we're talking about right? The outdoor unit trips the breaker and the indoor unit keeps running?)

But that aside, it sounds like the compressor in the outdoor unit is starting to fail. As it wears out it draws a larger surge on startup than it is supposed to and that is tripping the breaker. It could be the fan drawing more but that would be unlikely.

Other causes could be a rotted/corroded connection in the 240v wiring, or a failing breaker.
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Is this a window shaker AC or a central AC unit?
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PCBoss It's a central ac unit

I said the same thing when I noticed it shared the same breaker with the washer lol

From what I understand, it is realitvely new (within the last couple of years) and the break panel is seems newer than the other. It sounds like I'll need a professional for sure!
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The outside unit is usually 240v and fused for greater then 20 amps. The washer circuit needs immediate investigation. It could be a fire hazard and not code compliant. Can you post a picture of the wiring in the outside AC disconnect box.

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