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My husband needs some advice on putting an in-floor plug in the center of room of an old house on a concrete slab (we are fixing to re-tile so this would be a good time to cut into the concrete floor...the couch will cover the plug...the area is about 10 feet from the wall where we would tap in to the wall plug...What part can we do to save money before we call a electrician to connect the wires...
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How important is the outlet that you want? To accomplish it will take a lot of time, money, and repair work for just one outlet. A brief overview: analyze existing cicuit to see if it can handle the new load, remove flooring materials between the new outlet and existing circuit, break up the slab along the same path, dig under slab to appropriate depth depending on type of circuit and concrete depth, open wall at existing outlet location, transition under concrete wiring method to existing receptacle, set concrete rated box at new location, repair broken floor (pour concrete), recover floor, repair wall at existing location. This would take at least three contractors, and two different inspections. Total project time will probably be one to two months before completion. If I didn't answer your question, or you need more info, just post again. Good luck with your project.

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To install a receptacle in the middle of a room with a concrete floor, you would need a concrete saw blade. Use a worm drive saw that has the power to cut this heavy work and use a concrete saw blade. Cut a line from the area where you want the receptacle to the area where you want to connect to your receptacle in the wall. You will have to make that concrete cut into the wall's bottom plate to recess the conduit inside the wall as it comes up from the concrete. Now once you have made that cut the do it again about 4" to the side of the first cut. BE SURE TO CUT COMPLETELY THROUGH THE CONCRETE INTO THE PEA GRAVEL BELOW THE CONCRETE.

Take a cole chisel and cut an end line about half way thorugh the concrete so that the floor does not bust where you don't want it to. Start chipping through the concrete between the two cuts about a foot from the end of the cut where you chisled a half way break line at the end of the cuts.

Now once you get through the concreted then you can take a sledge and bust out the cut out trench from the floor receptacle to the wall.

Lay Sch 40 PVC conduit from inside the wall into the trench you made through the concrete and to the receptacle area. Carlin makes a modular unit that you can gang together with flip up doors that are approved as a floor receptacle modular unit. The receptacle is built into the flip up door. While you are at it you can run communicaton, computor cable, phone, entertainment, etc. in another conduit and this modular unit floor recepatcle can be ganged together to accept all those commodities. Fish all the wires through the conduit into the modular floor box that you will need and to the point of its power sources as needed in you existing wiring, commounication, computor, etc.

Once you have installed the flush modular floor box ganged together with the devices you want and you have secured the box so that it will remain flush as concrete cures. then pour a concrete patch into the trench and trowel it out to be level with the existing floor. Let the concrete cure and finish the floor as you wish. Then energize and you have it.

Like s1nuber said. Lots of hard work. Not for one that can't stick it out. You must not be afraid of a lot of manual labor, and you must have plenty of patience. Being stubborn to see an end product is a plus.

Can be done, but not going to be fun. Been there done that.

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