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hot tub

I need some help in wiring a used hot tub.It has a14/3 rubber cord coming from the control box with a 20 amp non twist lock cap at the end.Not really sure what is required other than starting with a double pole gfci breaker at the panel
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Not my area of expertise but 14-3 wire cannot be used on a 20 amp circuit, you need 12 ga wire for that.
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You gave almost no information about the spa so anything is just guessing at this point. I would first figure out what the spa needs. Confirm that it is 120 or 240 volts. Some brands of spas had entire product lines designed specifically for 120 volt so don't assume that it's 240. Next find out how much current it draws. Just because someone in the past stuck a #14 cord on there doesn't mean it's right or imply it's current draw.
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Also some spas can be rigged to run on lower amperage but that is less then ideal because the heater doesn't run when the pump is on. If your wiring a new receptacle for it best is to set the tub up for the higher amperage and install an appropriately sized receptacle for it.
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I need some help in wiring a used hot tub.
What make and model is the hot tub?

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