Speakers on same circuit as appliances "pop"


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Speakers on same circuit as appliances "pop"

I just moved into a sublet and set up my little audio workstation, complete with self-powered speakers. Since they're powered, they're plugged into a Belkin power strip, nothing fancy. Whenever the AC is about to go on, the dishwasher chages cycles, or I turn off the lights in the living room, my speakers make a loud popping noise.

I've put the speakers on two different circuits- or at least I tried them in two different outlets- but no luck. Both pop.

As this is a sublet, it's not really within my power to hire an electrician to look at the wiring. Is there an easy fix for this? Perhaps just a power conditioner or APC battery backup?
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I'd look for an interactive UPS.
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Will do- thank you Justin.
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Cheap fix: Install a decoupling capacitor in parallel with the power input of your speaker(s) to filter out the spike.

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