wilsonwd: Gen. 4-wire to 3-wire RV


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wilsonwd: Gen. 4-wire to 3-wire RV

I am not plugging up an a/c, but plugging up a camper with a 30 amp three prong cord. My generator is like his with a l14-30 connector. I have a 30 amp three prong extension cord that I have cut the male connector off of and want to install the L14-30 male connector I just bought.

I am a little confused with the discussion since I am no electrician. I have a three wire cord, white, green, and black wire. What wires do I hook up where?


L14-30 Plug
Green is hooked to ground
Black is hot, not hooked up
Red is hot, not hooked up
White is neutral, not hooked up

30 Amp Cord
Green is hooked to Plug Ground
White is not hooked up- is this hot or neutral for the L14-30 Plug?
Black is not hooked up - I assume this is hot and goes to either one of the hots on L14-30 plug?

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You hook up the black wire to either brass screw of the L14-30. No wire to the other brass screw.

White wire to the silver screw.

Green wire to the green screw.


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