What kind of fixtures?


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What kind of fixtures?

I know this might fit better in lighting....but what the heck.

At the gym (in a 100 y/o bldg) my wife helps at...there are 8 ft single pin type(?) T12 fixtures. After replacing a switch and some ballasts I got them all working. Problem is they are like the el-cheapo shop lights. No covers...no reflectors. Isn't this not allowed? I mean...first thing I did when moving here was put the plastic covers on the tubes in the garage.

It seems like I've seen exposed bulbs in old commercial stores...so maybe it's just an industrial thing? Is it an OSHA problem in a gym?
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Vic, not sure if it an OSHA requirement in a gym or not. I do know that in food service at ATL we had to have covers on all exposed lighting (clear tubes), but if I remember correctly they had to be fastened up in some manner. Break a fluorescent and what's to hold the clear tube up? All the contents would fall out on it's way down, negating the effectiveness of the clear tube.
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Yeah...thats kinda what I was thinking. Mine have the plastic endcaps that make it a pretty tight fit to get a bulb in the fixture...that might help if I smacked it with a ladder or something...but I haven't tested it.

I've never seen a similar cover for the single pins though.

My wife brought it up, though I had thought about it, since they sometimes have kids kicking balls and such in there.
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Vic, I've seen those clear tube covers for the 8'(?) single-pin lamps. I'm guessing a supply house could get them for you. They are a serious PITA to slide on or off!

But I would think a gym would need, or want, to have a cover for the fixture. At least a wire cage.
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Another thing to consider is that T12s are being phased out. The school may want to start looking at something like T5 or LED replacement lighting.
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Yeah...I know the T12s are going, at least for some uses...I think some are still allowed? Like the old magnetic ballasts I replaced....had to go electronic...roughly 60% more as far as I could tell.....whats up with that? And I just looked at the HD price of T12 vs T8...lord! $49 vs $120 for a 15 pack! Again...whats up with that?

Not that I'd probably buy at HD...we have a CED electrical supply here and the guy was real nice...think he gave me the Pro price on the ballasts. Maybe cause I asked if he had any senior discounts, trying to help a friend discounts, or 24 yrs Navy retired discounts? That last caught his ear...esp when I mentioned my wife did 20. Hey...I'll try anything if it drops the price. I get 10% at HD...but I think he beat that by a buck or so. I'd also rather buy at a locally owned/operated place.

There won't be any fixture replacement anytime soon...it's a shoestring operation mostly.
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It has been several years but I remember seeing what looked like upside down Tees fastened to the fixture and the ends of the crossbar were bent up slightly. Material was about the same as wire coat hangers, maybe a bit thicker. Having two on a four-foot long fixture so I would say at least three on an eight-foot fixture. The plastic sleeves prevent shattered glass and phosphor dust from falling and the Tees catch the sleeve. There was enough clearance so the tube would drop down and slide out, lifting over the up-bent arms for re-lamping.

I've also seen some sheet metal "retainers" for lack of a better word that clipped on the edges of reflectors near either end and would catch a falling sleeved tube. You might be able to use screen door springs with some creative fastening.
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2 lamp, T12 fixtures, can be retrofitted to tandem 4 lamp T8's for about $14 per light, our cost plus ballast.

T8's will give you more light for less energy usage.

I just bought a case (30) of T8 4100k lamps at HD for $55 yesterday.

Your local power company may have rebates for retrofitting your light fixtures. Might be worth looking into.

I have not heard of any requirements about lamp protection in a gym but it sounds like a good idea. I noticed a store in my area would use two zip ties around the fixture to prevent the lamps from falling out. Seams like that could also be done in conjunction to the plastic sleeves.

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