RCD or Earth leakage advice


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RCD or Earth leakage advice

Firstly... I'm in Australia (240v) & it's illegal do do anything unless you're licensed.
I'm just after comments & general advice.
My house has a RCD device installed in the meter box that ONLY works on power points inside the house.
Outside my house I have 3 'outlets'.
One is to a pump on my bore for garden watering.
Another is also to a small auto pump for rain water to all the house internally.
The last is to the Garage that only has a power point & one light.
These 3 items are on seperate fuses (actually circuit breakers) & are not RCD protected at all.
The advice I'm asking for is if I get installed a small switchboard in the garage that has.......
1. 40A Main circuit breaker.
2. RCD breaker.
3. 1 C10 circuit breaker. (lights)
4. 1 C16 circuit breaker. (power)
5. 1 C20 circuit breaker. (power... welder or 15A caravan)

To do this does it need an earth stake reasonably close to the switchboard in the garage & then inside the switchboard connect the earth & Neutral links?
Or is it OK to link back to the main switchboard? (50 metres away)
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Welcome to the forums. This is primarily a North American board I'm not sure anyone here knows Australian code. I will just make a couple of comments comment. The RCD does not need a ground to function. It measures the amperage difference in between the grounded conductor and ungrounded conductor. Only a few milliamps difference will cause it to trip. The purpose of the earth ground stake has to do with atmospheric electric safety such as lightning. At least in the US system it is totally separate function from the equipment grounding conductor which carries fault current in order to trip the breaker in case of equipment insulation failure.

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