Stun gun vs. Taser


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Stun gun vs. Taser


This thread is written from the perspective of a 'newb', not any training in electrical engineering unfortunately, looking for some knowledge.

Looking to understand the component differences between:

-STUN GUNS (up to 6.8 million Volts but very low current)...
-TASERS (50K V and current from 9 - 30 mA)

and also the relationship to batteries in all of this. What component is used to ramp up 50K volts of potential from 4 AA lithium batteries??? That's my disconnect... Also, how does 30 mA of current, in a single second's blast, come from 4 AA lithium batteries??

I realize this is common knowledge among electrical engineers, however, the explanations I've been given by my friends have not helped me understand.

Hopefully we got some know-it-alls that feel like schoolin' me here, I am appreciative of those who would shed some knowledge on this topic.

Thank You for takin' the time to read this.
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It might be faster, and easier, to read here: HowStuffWorks "How Stun Guns Work"

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