Dimmer switch blows


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Dimmer switch blows

I have 4 ceiling lights running to a single junction box. If I wire them directly to the powered line coming to the junction box they come on just fine. When I disconnect them and install a dimmer they are still on, but when I turn the dimmer they do not dim. When I push the dimmer to turn the lights off it sparks and fails. So where have I gone wrong?
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Are the lights fluorescent or incandescent? Did you turn off the power at the breaker before installing the dimmer? What is total wattage of the lamps and what is wattage rating of the dimmer?
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Wattage and type of bulbs in ceiling fixture please. What is the max wattage of the dimmer. You aren't installing the dimmer with the breaker on are you?
I have 4 ceiling lights running to a single junction box.
Do you have the whites in a bundle not connected to anything? Assuming power comes in at the switch do you have the black from the power in cable to one lead of the dimmer and the four blacks from the lights to the other dimmer lead? If power comes in at one of the lights how is it wired. Is the switch box separate from the junction box?

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