faulty grounding?


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we just purchased a new television and after exchanging it twice, still have a loud "buzzing" noise whenever we turn it on. It seems to be related to the sound since it disappears when the volume is off.
anyway, when consulting a television technician, they seemed to think that the problem is related to our house being "improperly grounded." the home was rewired about four years ago and all of the outlets are 3-prong. we've tried various outlets and all seem to produce the same result. where could this "grounding problem" occur otherwise, if not in the individual outlet?
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Buy a $10 outlet checker (Home Depot) that is capable of testing to see if outlets are wired correctly (open ground, reverse polarity, etc.). Check EVERY outlet. If you find one bad one, there are probably others. A new house shouldn't have any improperly wired outlets, so go after outlets that may have been added or replaced by someone later. Once the outlets have been tested, check all 3 prong extension cords by plugging them into a tested outlet and plugging the tester into the cord. I have seen extension cords that had one end replaced and wired incorrectly (reverse polarity).

Having said all this, I suspect that some other appliance is causing your problem. Try unplugging any thing with a motor or with a flourescent bulb.
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You say that the home was rewired about four years ago. I'm not sure what that might mean. Please post back with the answer to two questions:

(1) What year was the house built (i.e., wired originally)?, and
(2) What was done in the "rewire"? If you tell us ballpark how much this rewire cost we can probably guess.

It's possible (probable?) that the rewire did not include grounding to the outlets.
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i'm not exactly sure what happened in the rewire. We are currently renting, but i do know that the house is old...built around 1910. In the re-wiring process we did receive brand new outlets. (the old outlets are still in the wall and have been painted over)
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Just a wild guess, a DC servo motor without shielded wiring, a CB with a strong power amp, a ham radio in the area, will also cause what you are experiencing.

If you have a new style battery operated radio or TV try turning is on high volume while receiving a weak station and see if you experience the same noise in that radio or TV. If you do then step out of the house and walk in different directions away from the house. If the noise gets stronger in a certain direction then your problem is not in your house. If the noise gets weaker as you leave the house in all directions then the problem is definitly your house.

May be a flourescent fixture, or other ballasted fixture, usually in close proximity of that TV. Could also be a transformer or a Cboard in a VCR, sterio, etc.

Let us know what you find

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