Problem with very old g.e.1/6 hp motor


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Problem with very old g.e.1/6 hp motor

Can a 1/6 hp ac motor with the drive coming out one end be made so it is double drive or so i can attach a grinder on one end and wire brush on the other? As you can tell i know nothing about ac motors.I removed the drive and now it doesnt keep working.Did i ruin the motor? It was smoking a little. I suppose on these motors you get what you get.Thanks for your input and patience.
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That a very small motor for a grinder.
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Generally you cannot convert a motor with a shaft out one end into having a shaft out both ends. It "can" be done but not without costing more than just buying the correct motor.

If you removed the motor and it's not working, and it was smoking. I'd say shop for a new motor, especially if you are not experienced working on them. You can also take your motor to a alternator/electric motor repair shop and see what it will cost to be fixed.

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