Wiring questions on a small remodel project


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Wiring questions on a small remodel project

So I am working on my kitchen. We have a wall in the shape in the shape of an L that we took out and turned into a half wall that we are going to turn into a breakfast bar.

Just to help clarify the project, the wring that ran to the wall(now gone) all came from the attic. So we had a few problems when trying to get wiring here. Now we decided that we would just run a new line from the service panel to the half wall. We had to cut out some of the drywall in the basement to do so but it was a fairly easy job.

Also, we had 2 light switches that were running to the old wall. We had to relocate these switches to the nearest wall to the switch. Now in order to do this I had to go in the attic which has blown insulation and rolled up there. I pulled the 2 switch wires up and then drilled a couple of holes and then fished the wires down the already finished walls where we had cut out holes for the new switch location.

Now I know that wiring codes vary from place to place but I live in South Dakota and I know we follow the NEC. My first question is basically was it OK for me to relocate the switches like I did? None of the wires are secured with staples or anything like that and I am not sure if this is normally allowed. I am just wondering basically if the Inspector will have a problem with this.

Next, I want to actually install about 6-8 pot lights in the kitchen and take out a couple of lights that are in there. I was originally thinking that I could just run wires off of the two lights that are already up there, but after messing with stuff I realized that most of the wires in my home are not grounded or have no ground in them. I should also note that none of the wires in the attic seem to be secured in any way. They are basically just run over the joists. After doing some searching I am under the impression that this is OK to do in the attic. But, back to the lights, since none of the wires are grounded and I have plenty of space in my electrical panel I thought I could maybe just fish a wire up to the attic through a wall and run a whole new line just to the pot lights. again though I am not sure if code would allow this. Thanks for reading and helping out my situation. I hope I explained this well enough.
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It appears you are doing the right thing by running new circuits. Remodels don't require stapling the cables to the studs, so you are good there. I think this is your major concern, right?
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Ungrounded wiring should not be extended. New grounded wiring should be installed.

The wiring should be secured in the attic.

The code does not specify the location of most switches, only that switching means exist.
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I'm not worried about the switch location. I just want to make sure that it is allowed by code for me to move the switches to another location in a finished wall. I had to fish the wires through the wall and I didnt know if that is allowed because I know staples are supposed to be used to secure the wires.

Also, I'm not sure if fishing a new wire for the pot lights up to the attic would be allowed. That is what I would really like to do so that I can get them all on a new grounded circuit. But again I'm not sure what code would allow. And if I fish a new wire up to the attic, do I need to secure these wires somehow. I said before all of the wiring I've seen up there is not stapled or run through joists. Also, how would the inspector inspect the wires in the attic? Would he need to see up there?
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Fishing is a common and acceptable practice. It is the way wiring is usually added.
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As pcboss said,
Originally Posted by pcboss
The wiring should be secured in the attic.
As for your other question, wiring is not required to be secured when it is run through a finished wall. To require that would be to require that a wall be opened, just for stapling or otherwise securing the cabling, every time a new cable is installed in it.

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