Over the Range Microwave Wiring


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Over the Range Microwave Wiring

Hello -

I currently have an over the range microwave that the previous owners of the house either installed themselves or had installed.

Well, the microwave is dead and I'm not fixing it - I've already ordered its replacement. I did some poking around to get ready to install the new one and found that there is no electrical box/receptacles in the cabinet above the microwave so I'm assuming that whoever installed the one that's in there now may have just cut the plug off the microwave and wire-nutted the wires together inside the wall.. I really won't know for sure though until I take the old microwave down.

Anyways, I know that's not the proper way to do things, and I'm going to fix whatever isn't right.

I'm afraid though that I'm going to find that the romex in the wall is too short to get up into the cabinet where I'll install a proper j-box and receptacle. If I run into that situation, is there any problem with running the romex back down the wall and putting a j-box behind the stove and then extending the circuit back up to the cabinet? I don't want to put a j-box behind the microwave because it's not REALLY accessible and even though it won't be easily accessible behind the stove, there's already a different box there for the 220 power for the stove and the stove moves a lot more easily than a microwave does.

Thanks for your advice!
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Is the microwave on a dedicated circuit?
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You can put a box behind the range.
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As long as the box remains accessible you can put it where you want.
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Just closing this one out:

* There was already a dedicated 15 amp circuit for the location (whew!). The manual calls for a 15 or 20 amp circuit, so I'm good.
* When I removed the old microwave, I found the cord cut and a bundle of wire nuts and electrical tape jammed between the microwave and bottom of the cabinet, as I suspected
*There's now a proper box and outlet in the cabinet up above - there was plenty of slack in the romex to move it to its new location
*If you get creative with a properly sized large box on top of the range to set the microwave on, you CAN install one without help.

Thanks for your input here, Guys. I didn't need to do anything out of the ordinary here but at least I was prepared if I did.
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Sounds like you got everything worked out. Glad you did, and thanks for letting us know.

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