Pitpa: color codes


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Pitpa: color codes

My husband is hooking up a new outlet and light switch. The wires in the wall are the older kind with fabric gauze type covering the wires, they are red, black and white.3 wires and all black with the cloth coating. Which is hot? Cold and Ground. which is the right way to hook up the outlets???

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For cold you will have to ask the Heating and Cooling forum. For hot neutral and ground we have the answers usually. Are you saying there are six wires in the receptacle box? Is this receptacle controlled by a switch? What is the wiring in the switch box? How was it connected before?
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Black and red are two colors for ungrounded conductors, aka "hot" wires. White is the color designated for grounded conductors, aka "neutral" wires. White wires may also be repurposed as ungrounded conductors, but should be marked with red or black electrical tape or permanent marker when they are. There is no "cold" in electrical systems, and you didn't mention anything that sounds like an equipment grounding conductor, aka a "ground" wire.

How many wires, with what colors, in how many cables, do you have in the switch box? How many wires, with what colors, in how many cables, do you have in the receptacle box?
Originally Posted by ray2047
Is this receptacle controlled by a switch?
Do you intend it to be? Is the switch one half of a 3-way pair?

You may need to test for voltage on the wires, using an analog multimeter, to determine the function of each wire.

Tech note: If there is no ground present, you may only install 2-slot receptacles until either a groung or GFCI protection is provided to that location.

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