Kohler 14 HP RESA generator problem


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Kohler 14 HP RESA generator problem

I installed this generator about 2 months ago and been having problems ever since. It is fueled by propane. Now it will not start. It is not getting propane to the carburetor. I removed the line to the carb to smell any propane, none. There is propane to the solenoid valve but it does not pass through to the carb. The solenoid has 12 volts when the starter is cranking. I have more run time on the starter than the motor! I am tempted to find a replacement solenoid.

Here is a link to photo bucket picture.


I am 200 miles from the nearest large town, Reno, NV so no Kohler help here
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How old is the gen?

I am sure there is some type of warranty no? Call Kohler and I am sure they will send you a replacement.
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Do you have 12 volts at the terminals of the solenoid when the switch is on and also when cranking? If not then the trouble is somewhere in the wiring.

What is the rubber hose with the blue plug installed?
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You could temporarily bypass the solenoid with a short nipple and see if it starts normally. Put 12 volts on the solenoid while its out and visually see if it opens.

There is propane in the tank?
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Lance, did you pull the jumper wire and change the orifice on the regulator for propane (units ship as Nat Gas ready). Owner's manual will step you through that.
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Kohler gave me a business to contact which is about 6 hrs driving time. I will contact them next week. There is 12 volts to the solenoid. Kohler method to change between propane and natural gas is a separate outlet for each for the line to the carb. Use one, plug the other. The blue plug is in the oil drain hose. After talking to the Kohler rep next week, I will check out the solenoid, remove it and see if it will function.
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This Kohler Generator is now working.
It appeared that the problem was the
pressure in the propane line was too high.
The Kohler representative suggested to check
the pressure in the propane line. The
pressure regulater is adjustable from 8" to
13" water column. The recommended pressure
is 11 water column inches. I reduced the
regulator three turnes but have not checked
thre pressure.

Last week we had a scheduled power
outage and the gneerator performed as
required. so far so good.

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