How much can I do myself? 60A upgrade


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How much can I do myself? 60A upgrade

My house has 60A service and fuses. I want to upgrade to 200A and breakers, splitting up existing circuits that don't make sense. Running new lines to outlets, switches, lights, etc is not a problem for me, but how much more can I do? I'd like the new panel in the same location as the original. Can I safely disconnect the feed, swap panels, hook the existing circuits back up, and reconnect the feed to the new panel? Would welding gloves be adequate? Obviously, cost is a driving factor here, so doing as much as I can myself is paramount.
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You're probably going to need new heavier wire up to the service head, new meters, upgraded grounding etc. You'll be dealing with the electric utility and local inspector. It's a job for a licensed electrician, where I live anyway. You can probably do the in house wiring yourself.
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Welcome to the forums! As toolmon says, it is a little more complicated. With only a 60 amp service entrance, the power company will need to make a new 200 amp drop, of course disconnecting your meter. You would have to, then, install a new meter base, weatherhead drop pipe, and disconnect (if your panel is not back to back with the meter base), feed your new breaker panel, then rewire your house to make sense. All the outside stuff will definitely need a permit and will have to be signed off by a licensed electrician, before the power company will reconnect the service. Not sure where you live (your profile is not complete), but you may be required to pay for the service drop. It isn't very often, but you should check anyway.
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I had a friend who had a master's license AND was a former city inspector do this for me some years ago, rather than hassle with pulling the permit to do it myself. I had the new panel and its breakers sitting on the job. My friend brought the new meter base, entrance nipple, riser and weatherhead. No upgrade was needed for the triplex from the pole.

When I got home, all I had to do was flip the new breakers on, and everything was back in service. Well worth the money.
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My house has 60A service and fuses. I want to upgrade to 200A and breakers
If you have been getting by with 60 amp service, you wouldn't need 200 amp service unless you are planning to add some pretty big loads. Would you perhaps be planning on switching to all electric resistance heat and electric water heater? If you just want to split up circuits and maybe add a few new circuits, you could easily serve your loads with 100 amp service. A 30 circuit 100 amp panel may be all you really need. Like has been stated, you'll need new service entrance wiring, meter socket and upgraded grounding. It's not likely the power company will change anything unless you are adding significant loads.

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