How to install pilot light into circuit panel


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How to install pilot light into circuit panel

I'd like to install a pilot light in my main circuit panel ahead of the 200AMP breaker so I'd be able to tell when I have street power coming in. The way I see it I would mount the pilot light permanently to the side of the panel the run the 2 wires to the 2 hots or perhaps one wire to a hot side and the other to the ground.

The main hots are secured to the panel with a large hex bolt and I was wondering if there is something sold that just pushes or snaps right into else bolts.

If not, can someone here recommend another way to do it? (I can't just install a breaker and attach a light to it because I need to know BEFORE the panel or at least before the main breaker than street power is coming in).
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Why is this important? Messing with the hot lugs without first having the power disconnected at the street is a good way to fry yourself.
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NEVER attach devices to the line side of the main breaker. There are safe ways to do this. The pros will be along shortly with ideas. Is this to determine when power comes back on while using a generator? How is your generator connected? I hope you aren't using the main breaker to isolate the house side without an interlock.
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Wouldn't it just make sense to add another breaker to support a circuit that's just a light right there at the panel? Yes, it'll pass through the main switch and pass through the breaker for that circuit, but if it's literally stubbed out of the box right there with nothing else on it then a simple bulb shouldn't throw any breakers. You could even mount a single-gang metal box and put something like this: Leviton Night Light Lampholder Assembly with 4 Watt Bulb in it if it's enough out of the weather.
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It's not permitted by the National Electric Code or by any sense of good practice. That's about all that needs to be said; no sense in arguing. If you're bound and determined to do this on your own, don't look for concurrence here.

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