Ratteling from CKT breaker in panel


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Ratteling from CKT breaker in panel

Had an install done today - the electrican installed a new box that had more breakers in it. The panel is bigger and the bottom of the panel is touching some the dry wall in my basement causing a few of the lower breakers to not be held tightly in the panel.

When the guy left I was checkign out the panel and herd a slight rattelign coming from one of these lower breakers. I touched it and it stopped. Found that if I push it upward it rattels and if I push down it stops.

I called the guy that did the install and he told me it was jsut slighty loose in the panel and not a big deal.

IS this true- is it ok if the rattle goes away when you move it around??? I[SIZE=2]f it is ok it is one thing but I paid a lot of money for this dam work and I want piece of mind that this is ok.

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Some breakers do tend to make noise as I have heard them myself. This should not affect their operation.

If you do not like it, I suggest getting the electrician back out and have him swap out.

Just wondering, what brand is the panel and breakers?

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