Buzzing GFCI?


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Buzzing GFCI?

Just noticed tonight for the first time that a GFCI we have in our kitchen is buzzing, regardless of whether it's tripped or not. The outlet was replaced in March. (Old GFCI outlet was painted over and inspector advised us to have it replaced) I found a breaker labeled Dishwasher that turns off power to that outlet and the dishwasher and there doesn't appear to be anything else running on that circuit.

As I said, this is the first time I've noticed the buzzing since we moved in. (April) Is the outlet bad, or do I have a bigger problem?
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Sometimes they do that. I agree with the inspector that it should be replaced. They cost less than $15 at the mega-mart homecenter.
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The GFCI was already replaced. Now it's buzzing, off and on.
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How is it wired? Is the dishwasher connected before or after the GFCI? Is this GFCI one of the required countertop outlets?

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