Subpanel install


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Subpanel install

I'll try to have this make sense.
I need to install a subpanel box by patio for spa. It will hold the GFI breaker.
Spa needs standard 3 wire setup.
So, 2 hots and a green ground to subpanel, then the same cutoff, then same to spa.
Now the part I don't know.
Subpanel has accommodation for one other breaker to use for whatever.
I plan on using it to feed electric to our BBQ island.
Standard outlet/light etc will use a neutral wire correct ??
Something I won't need for spa.
If I were to use the secondary breaker for an outlet on BBQ island, can I place the outlet neutral to the same bar that the spa is grounded to in subpanel ?
Make sense ?
Or will I need to run that 4th wire ( white neutral ) from my main box to the subpanel ?
Guess what I'm getting at is I have to run 3 wires from main panel to subpanel but do I need to run the 4th wire for neutral ? I'm asking because 3 wires are easier to fish than 4, plus I'd save the cost of wire.
I want it done correctly also.
I'm cheap, but not dumb
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You need hot, hot, neutral, and ground supplied to the subpanel to accomplish that.
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Neutral and ground can only be connected together at the service entrance. Nowhere else.

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