Spa disconnect / GFI confusion


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Spa disconnect / GFI confusion

I can't seem to get a consistent answer to this question just surfing web.
DO I or DO I NOT need a manual disconnect / cutoff no closer than 5 feet and within line of sight ?
Everything seems to conflict.
I will have a dedicated sub panel somewhere close to spa with a GFI 60 amp breaker.
Some places say that IS the disconnect.
Some places say I need the disconnect AND the GFI breaker. So confusing.
I think NEC says disconnect doesn't apply to single family dwellings.
Please help.

Also, a couple easy questions.

1) Does sub panel have to be mounted a certain height or distance from ground / roof ?

2) Spa requires 6 AWG which is what I was planning to use. What size ground should I use ? 6 AWG or maybe #8 or #10 ?

3) Code says I cannot have an outlet within 10 feet of spa. Can I just replace cover with a plate / blank or do I have to physically unhook power supply ?

4) I will be installing an outlet in my BBQ island. I plan to use UF for the 15 feet it needs to go underground. I was told I can continue to use the UF
inside the island as long as I stapled it to the structure and didn't just leave it laying on ground.
Is that correct ?

5) Does outside outlet need to be a GFI outlet or will a standard out be ok ?

6) I was planning to use a 12/2 regarding the island. 12/2 and a 20 amp breaker ok ?

Thank you very much in advance.
Much appreciated.
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You need a disconnect within line-of-sight of the spa.
You need a receptacle at least 6' away from the spa but no more than 10'.
You can use as small as #10 ground, but I'd stick to a #6 due to the application.
UF needs to be protected from damage. If it's exposed, it needs to be in conduit.
All outdoor 15 and 20A nonlocking receptacles need GFCI protection, no exceptions.
I'd use 12-2g UF-B or THWN in Schedule 40 PVC conduit.

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The emergency shutoff only applies to non-residential installations.

The blank plate is fine over receptacles closer than 6'.

The receptacle on the island does not need to be a GFI, but it does need GFI protection.

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All outdoor 15 and 20A nonlocking receptacles need GFCI protection, no exceptions.
In addition, they must be weather resistant.

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