Selecting a Generator Power Cord - (L14-30, 30 Amps)


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Selecting a Generator Power Cord - (L14-30, 30 Amps)

I am deciding on my final purchase for hooking up a 6500 Watt portable generator to power inlet and interlock panel switch: the choice of power cord. The name brand Reliance cord seems to cost significantly more than others you can buy online or those you can put together yourself at the local home center store. Do the more expensive all rubber molded constructions cords offer any clear advantage(s) to justify the higher price? Do they offer higher quality power? Are they safer to use in damp conditions? Are they sturdier? Do they work better in the extreme cold (I live in Maryland and it seldom dips into the single digits). If I was just getting a 10 foot cord it would not be a big deal but I am thinking of getting something in the 25 foot range to keep the Gennie away from the window AC units. Any advice provided will be much appreciated!
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Buy a pair of L14-30 connectors, and a length of 10/4 SOOW cable. I run the stuff all winter and it still remains super flexible.

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