Circuit inexplicably tripping


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Circuit inexplicably tripping

I'm installing a ceiling fan in a room with no existing overhead light fixture. The hole is cut, bracket installed, box hung and the wire run - the fan itself isn't an issue. The switch at the door of the room previously controlled a receptacle, I planned to make the receptacle constant hot and make the switch control the fan and light.

That's where I ran into a problem. Broke all the splices at the receptacle and spliced through, color for color with tails off for the device. There are 3 12-2 romexes coming into that box, one is the feed, one goes to the switch, and one I can't figure out where it goes. So I spliced through, turned the circuit back on to test it and it tripped. Broke all of the splices again, and individually tested each wire for a ground. They all came up clean except obviously for the neutral from the feed. Spliced it all back together and turned it back on, tripped again.

Is there something I'm missing here? I'm a young journeyman electrician, so I'm not totally clueless. However, 95% of the work I've done in my career has been in commercial and industrial settings, and mostly new construction. Troubleshooting residential systems isn't exactly a strong suit for me.
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Perhaps one of the cables was actually part of a switch loop. The white in a switch loop should be the constant hot to the switch. Check the wire colors on the switch for confirmation.
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You have three 12-2 romex wires. One is a feed in, one is a feed out and the other one is a switch leg (you told us). So at the recp connect all the blacks together and tail to the out let and the same for the whites and grounds. Now you will have 120v at the switch and you'll need to change that wiring. I'm assuming you brought the fan wire to the switch. Connect whites to white and break blacks with the switch. Make sense ?
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You didn't say, but would I be correct in assuming that you have already removed the switch and those wires are separated and protected and not touching anything?

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