Kitchen help


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Kitchen help

Mod Note: Poster is most likely in England.

I'm getting a new kitchen fitted in a couple of weeks and am hoping to get an idea of the risks to my budget.

Currently we have a gas cooker, which is also plugged in to a normal socket (presumably for the clock / timer only). Behind the cooker is what looks like a 'blank' fuse spur. Its certainly a cover of some sorts and nothing is attached to it so I'm hoping there is something behind it.

My new kitchen includes a gas hob and electric oven, housed in the same place as this 'blank'. It is 230v and it should be 'wired in'.

We have a fuse box which has one marked 'cooker'. Turning this off turns off all the electricity in the kitchen. No others seem to relate to the kitchen.

The house was built in 1984, should this job be fairly simple? I'm aware that there should be a bigger cable for the electric oven - whats the chances of this 'blank' housing the cable?

Also, would this require a fused spur in an accessible location?

ps. I'm new here and get very confused by electricity. I do have an electrician coming to sort it out but just after an idea of what problems we may face (the last thing I want is new cabling being sent to the fuse box and ripping half the house apart).

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From the usage of your terms like hob I suspect you are in Europe?

The majority of contributors here are US based.
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Welcome to the forums. You seem to be in Manchester, England. This is primarily a North American board so I"m not sure how much specific help the members here can give you. There are some specific difference between our electrical systems and yours which may make it impossible to give you more then very general answers.

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