Generator Wiring into Electrical Panel


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Question Generator Wiring into Electrical Panel

So I've bought a wonderful new trailer in a park, and shortly after moving in all the neighbors explained how the park is at the end of the line from wherever the lines come in. Apparently when we lose power, it takes a while to get it back. The back room where the electrical panel is located is under some construction at the moment, so I took the time to wire in a generator plug outside and run the line into the panel.
My plan is to purchase the interlock kit for my panel and I've already purchased and connected the 30amp double pull breaker. I had to relocate some of the breakers for the interlock to work correctly. Now I'm pretty comfortable and familiar with everything I've done so far. The one thing I'm not to sure about is balancing the two phases, or legs coming in from the generator. I've heard of people having issues with this type of setup because the panel hasn't been "balanced" properly. I guess this can make your generator run poorly, even to the point of stalling out before it's "wattage limit" is reached. Any information on how I do this would be much appreciated. And yes I know the correct answer is "Contact a qualified electrician."
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The issue will be overloading the generator on one leg. For example, if you have an 8,000w (running, not surge) generator, it's actually 4,000w per leg. So 6Kw on one leg and 2Kw on the other will trip the breaker on the generator.

So you'll want to calculate your larger loads that you'll be running (fridge, freezer, etc) and try to keep them on different legs. Any larger load (well pump, water heater) will be 240v and will already be balanced.

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