Breaker tripping only when first manually switched off


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Breaker tripping only when first manually switched off

Hello, I am having the following issue with one of the breakers (15Amp). There are no big appliances connected to it; only a few receptacles and lights. It seemed to be working fine, until I manually switched it off - after that, when I tried to switch it back on, it tripped back halfway between the on and off position (but the circuit was off). A few tries and it switched back on. All of the receptacles and lights seem to be working fine after the breaker turned back (and stayed) on. I am wondering what could have caused this, and how to fix. Any advice would be appreciated.
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It may just be a defective breaker. If you're electrically handy you could try switching the breaker with another one in the panel and see if that ones reacts the same.
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Sometimes breakers are a little crabby to reset. I have found this to be more common on Square D QO breakers. You need to not turn them on slowly similar to a light switch. It is likely nothing to worry about.

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