smart meter RF

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smart meter RF

Does any one know how to completly filter out all frequencies coming in
from GE smart meters? I have a family member that lives in Florida
she was upgraded to a smart meter a few months ago. She has some suspected
health problems from the RF coming from the meter.

Does any one know what frequencies the GE smart meters put out? hz, khz, mhz?
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There are different models of meter....but one paper I found puts the freq up around 920 Mhz and a 1/4 W output. That's a pretty low output. Some cell phones can run in about the same range and put out 2 or more watts.

I'm sure someone can find the answer or it might even be stamped on the meter somewhere, but that's not where her health issues are coming from IMO.
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Does any one know how a capacitor plugged in would
remove RF frequencies from the hot wire and send
them back on the neutral?
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Imagination can be a wonderful thing or a debilitating thing. I think a lot of imagination and placebo effect is the problem but why not ask the electric company if they will install a regular meter if you agree to read it and send in a "reading card" each month.
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Most all the smart meter RF energy is radiated from antennas inside the meter itself. Not from the "wiring". 900MHz and 2.4GHz are the frequencies of choice. 900 being the longer range to hit the neighborhood pole, and Zigbee banging away to gather the house to house data.

ZigBee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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I agree with Ray's comments. She is NOT having ill side effects from RF from an electrical meter. Not any more than from a garage door opener, TV/Stereo/Satellite remote control unit, cell phone, wireless household phone (operating at the same frequency BTW), or any other of the myriad of everyday appliances we take for granted.
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If the meter transmits RF it will have an FCC ID that may be visible on the meter. Photograph or copy the number and check it on the FCC website. My meter has a whole list of documents that detail the frequency used and many other factors.

Now, take that info to an RF engineering company and tell them you need a Faraday cage built around her house that will filter out that frequency. I would take along a check for $1000 or maybe $10,000 so they know she's serious, otherwise they'll just laugh. At least if you take the money along they'll let you down easily as they refuse the check.

But seriously, people have all kinds of suspicions that have no basis in reality. If she really thinks this is the problem, she should have the meter removed along with any battery-operated RF devices and use candles and the fireplace. If she's still having trouble after that, she should go ahead and build the Faraday cage around the house because unless she's out in the sticks, I can guarantee there are plenty of other RF signals permeating the place.
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I would look elsewhere for a cause of illness. The radio frequency (RF) power generated by smart meters is less than half of that in a typical home with a wifi router. The wifi router is on 24/7 while the smart meter transmits only a minute or two per day. No health issues have been shown to be caused by wifi.

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