Preferred GenSet Transfer Panels


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Preferred GenSet Transfer Panels

Finally, I found a stocking dealer on the Reliance Q310.

I'm sure gensets and all related accesories have been flying off the shelf lately.

In this post, looks like more well seasoned hands use different other ways of *skinning the cat*.

Mind sharing your manual genset transfer setup, details, pics...

My plan was to go with the Q310 and I've yet to source my Inlet (Hubbell being my preferred connector body/systems approach) for this.
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I do not recommend all-in-one transfer panels. First of all, that panel does NOT switch the neutral lead and that along could trigger an NEC (National Electrical Code) violation. IF your generator does NOT have the neutral and equipment ground connections bonded in the generator the risk is small and probably nothing to get excited over. However, if the generator DOES have the neutral-equipment ground bond then using a panel that does NOT switch the neutral WILL cause return currents to divide between the neutral and the equipment ground and THAT may be a problem. If your generator output is protected against ground fault (GFCI) then the unswitched neutral WILL be a problem.

Second, those panels are horribly expensive. You can install a separate 3-pole, three position transfer switch and use it to feed an auxiliary panel that you can purchase for less than $30 and install the circuit breakers you desire for about $3 per pole. This is the switch I have been recommending.

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