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AFCI requirement for receptacle replacement coming in 2014.

AFCI requirement for receptacle replacement coming in 2014.


Old 12-11-12, 10:57 PM
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AFCI requirement for receptacle replacement coming in 2014.

Just a topic of discussion since I was pricing the AFCI combination circuit breakers and was wondering if anyone is worried that people will forgoe needed electrical wiring replacement due to the cost of these things? NEC states replaced receptacles after Jan 1 2014 will have to be AFCI protected. Replacing the breakers on a full panel for a single family house would be a thousand dollars just by themselves. Just seems ridiculous to me for the price. They would be better off pushing wiring age requirements.

Also, what stops someone who is not familiar with their operation from going into the panel and closing back into a faulted wire without correcting the problem? Or in a worse case replacing the AFCI with basic single pole breakers and close it?
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Old 12-11-12, 11:56 PM
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what stops someone... from going into the panel and... replacing the AFCI with basic single pole breakers and close it?
The same thing that stops most people from similar Jerry-rigging and the circumvention of life-safety regulations now: personal, and possibly criminal, liability.
Old 12-12-12, 07:05 AM
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Are you saying if I needed to replace a defective receptacle, the breaker for that circuit would have to be upgraded to an AFCI? Given the price of AFCI breakers, how many homeowners do you think would actually do that? Or even know of the requirement? Especially in areas (such as where I live) where no permit is required for a receptacle replacement?

I've been working with electricity and wiring for over 50 years. I'm certainly not against safety, but sometimes I think codes go way too far. When I built and wired my house three years ago, the applicable code was NEC 2005, so I only have AFCI breakers for the beroom circuits. That's fine with me. It may be heresy to some, but if such a requirement were imposed here, I wouldn't consider complying and not worry a bit about it.
Old 12-12-12, 08:20 AM
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Yeah, I don't think that most homeowners are going to do this if they do work themselves, regardless of what the codes may state, and especially when inspections aren't required.

I guess that I need to order a bunch of replacement tandem breakers now so that I have a maintenance supply for the next 30 years.
Old 12-12-12, 07:04 PM
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Remember that the NEC is a recommended document for local cities/towns to use or not. Many areas are still under NEC 2008. Plus, many areas will add their own amendments. Some areas may have adopted NEC 2011 but without the AFCI requirement.

I know around here, it'll probably be 2020 before NEC 2014 is adopted. I'm not holding my breath.
Old 12-12-12, 07:20 PM
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NEC states replaced receptacles after Jan 1 2014 will have to be AFCI protected
And you are absolutely certain this will be in the 2014 NEC? You know, that may not even be possible without rewiring in some homes. At this point I think I'd have to put this with the references to AFCI receptacles that have been in the NEC since 2008 (that I am aware of).
Old 12-12-12, 07:20 PM
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Based on what inspectors have conveyed to me.....they are only looking for AFCI breakers on NEW bedroom wiring. (as in a new addition or new house)

Interesting thing: We were hired to wire a new addition to a house. It was to be a master bedroom, master bath and his and her closets. We ended up doing a total gut of the house. I had the inspector come in ahead of time. We were only required to put in two AFCI breakers in the new bedroom area. The rest of the house, although new wiring, was still on standard breakers.

I said to him are you sure.....I got one of those "I'm the inspector look.....would you dare question me." Actually he was a pretty decent guy.

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