HiPot Testing Help


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HiPot Testing Help

I am designing a small manufacturing cell producing 2kw BLAC power units.
I have purchased a GwInstek 4 in 1 Electrical Safety tester to perform Megger and AC HiPot tests.
The heart of the problem is that although I have read extensively on the subject of high voltage testing, I still do not feel comfortable setting up a testing station.
Can you please point me towards a reliable source to help me program my machine, set-up a station, and help me determine my standards.
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This is well out of the scope of a DIY site. Sorry.
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You may want to look in a professional forum.
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Contact GwInstek directly. They can probably recommend you to a manufacturing engineer

I believe they have a customer forum too.
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I believe I can answer at least partly.

The specific instructions on how to program your safety tester will be in its manual.
The specifics of to what levels you need to test to would be determined by what use your "power unit" is for and what specific jurisdiction you will be selling it in.

I can only speak for the US and Canada but there will be several standards it has to meet.
You will need to determine which standards your device will have to meet and then test it with your new meter to ensure it passes.
You then will have to submit your device to an accredited testing agency and have it approved by them before you can sell or distribute it.

I'll take a stab and guess your product is inverter based.
Here is one testing agencies' info on testing.

I'll give you a little hint as well.
Normally the hi-pot test is above 1000 volts and you will be reqired to test the device when it is operational.
This can be considered destructive testing and you need to have several examples of your product on hand before you do so.

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