Interconnected Hardwired Smoke Wiring??


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Interconnected Hardwired Smoke Wiring??

Is there any particular trick to this? I have a studio apt with one hardwired smoke and now the city is requiring a retrofit so that both rooms have a detector. I am pretty capable at residential wiring. The biggest obstacle seems to be routing a wire from the existing to the new, which probably means cutting ceiling drywall. Would appreciate any tips.
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Yea, running the wire is the most difficult part. Where is your current smoke detector located in relation to the other room? Do you know which way the joists in the ceiling run?
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Does your area allow RF connected smoke alarms? No need to run wiring between the two alarms. You just need a source of power. One alarm is the master and the other is slaved via radio waves.
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Thanks PC

I should have thought of that. Everything is RF now. I have RF doorbells in my 1902 house. I'll check with the city.
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If the city doesn't accept the RF detectors, a flexible drill bit might get you there. How far do you need to go?
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Does the city require hardwired with battery backup interconnected detectors or will just battery powered interconnected work? These are pretty slick and the battery powered ones will wirelessly interconnect with the hardwired ones.

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