Fishing with Rods and Earth Magnet


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Fishing with Rods and Earth Magnet

Before I take this fishing project on...
Just short of making some holes....

Do you think this is feasible. I plan to drop a snake from the exterior going past CMU and hopefully getting it to drop into the space between the finished wall and CMU on the interior.

About 30 feet on that same wall, there is a medicine cabinet.
I plan to send some fiberglass rods down that same interior wall and just *jiggle* till the earth magnet on the rod catches the fish line
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I don't use live bait much. Prefer top water...................wait, wrong answer.

How will the magnet catch a line that is not magnetic, assuming your snake is line and not a metallic snake. I don't think you will have much luck with a magnetic snake. Are you tying a magnet on the line? May work. Let us know.

I have used golf balls with a line loop screwed into it and tied it onto mason's twine for fishing line up chimney chases, etc. Golf ball is heavier, and you could screw a magnet to it as well.
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I plan to put a earth magnet onto the tape. I just know I need to BEND a L on the tape . I'll be coming from the outside going into CMU dropping into the basement wall. There currently exists a hole that has been caulked over. Just need to run the drill bit to enlarge to get it to what flex conduit I'm using.

The tricking part I suppose is the angle of approach cause if I go straight from the hole, I 'll be going int a soffit. I need to get past the CMU and immediately drop down.

I took the medicine cabinet. It's a straight shot - in theory with the fiberglass rods and another earth magnet on that end....
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CMU ? concrete masonry unit ?

If you're trying to fish down....between a block wall and sheetrock....a snake isn't going to cut it.
You'll need chain or a weighted string.

I do I get the chain/string in and past the block. A short piece of pvc pipe or any thin pipe.

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