electrician school


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electrician school

If you were 50 and wanted to go to electricians school in the SE , where would you go for
an accelerated course..??
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I would look to a trade school or technical college. But I'm still guessing that you would start out as an apprentice regardless.

States have different licensing requirements. In my state I believe a license is only required for working on commercial projects. Some local building departments have specific requirements for residential also.
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I attended Athens Area Technical School in Athens, GA (Southeast enough?) Two year self paced course in Residential and Commercial Wiring.
It will not guarantee a license, however. You gotta dig a lot on your own for that. Georgia requires 2 year apprenticeship of sorts, or the verification from a licensed electrician (on a form) that you know your stuff.
Then there's the test..............
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In Minnesota you are required to have 8000 hrs on the job, or 2 years of school and 6000 hours job experience to be able to take the journeymen's test. You, of course, can work as an apprentice with no training if you can get somebody to hire you.

Might be easier to get into the power limited side of things.
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Not only will school alone not get it, most states will agree to let you take their journeyman's test with enough recorded and attested time working as an apprentice to a qualified master. They won't allow you to sit for the test with no time as an apprentice, no matter how much time you've spent in school.

Most states have a sliding ratio, as Tolyn suggested - more OJT for less book time, and the reverse. Just not all the way to 0 on either the OJT end. Here are the requirements for Delaware: State of Delaware, Board of Electrical Examiners.

The Master you apprentice to may have suggestions for good training opportunities. I've found the adult ed/continuing ed classes available through our local school district to be well done, and I'm also fond of the training available online from Mike Holt.

BTW, hearing "accelerated course" will turn most licensing boards off. Really.

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