Crimped Splices, Terminals for Elecrical


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Crimped Splices, Terminals for Elecrical

Just ordering some more doo dads over the long weekend. Ordered a new set of dies/T&B Ratcheting compression wrench, etc.

I know you guys use the much larger compression lugs for service entries.

It got me thinking. I use these all the time on the boat, cars, some mild electronics like the alarm, etc. For the compression terminal items , *preliminarily stranded wire use*, is it Code Allowable in the 120/240 residential or commercial world of things ? The fittings I use are generally crimped and the built in heatshrink is adhesive lined. Makes for a fairly decent connection.

Something like this
Molex Connector Part Number - 19164-0057
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is it Code Allowable in the 120/240 residential or commercial world of things?
Use 'em all the time. The insulated ones, of course, like these: Vinyl Insulated Butt Splices. Particularly for putting a connector on stranded wire that can be easily and fully terminated to a screw terminal, with Vinyl Insulated Ring Terminals or Vinyl Insulated Spade Terminals.

Using these comes up so often that I added a "Long-Nose Multi-Purpose Tool" to my everyday collection a few years ago to help me do them better and faster.

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