Low Voltage Switch replacement needed


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Low Voltage Switch replacement needed

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I also have a low voltage switching system in a 1959 house. It is the type with the transformers located in the fixture boxes, with 3 lines ran to each of the "bowtie" switches (each having a red ruby center). I grew up in a home having this system, but the electrician is now gone, and no one around here seems to know anything about them.

All my lights work, but I have several switches that only work on one side (will work to turn on, but not off). Can I get replacement switches somewhere? Since I'm not trying to keep it original, I'd be happy to change all of the switches out if a newer design switch is available.

I'd hate to have to pull new lines, but if replacement or new switches are not available, I may be forced to.
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Have you tried EBay, type in the model# on the switch and you will be surprised what you will find.
Good luck!
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Switch #

I've looked all over the switch and can't find a name or number on it. If that happened in regards to a new one today, I'd assume it was an imported knock-off, but I don't think that sort of thing was going on back them.

I haven't seen any on ebay or elsewhere that looked like these bowtie cuties. I was really hoping there might be a modern replacement for them.
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The switch is a single pole double throw switch.......center off.
There are many moderan days switches that will replace them.
I left you several links to locations where you can get those switches.

The switch and plate are available at Kyle Designs
Ivory GE RS232 Low Voltage Light Switch

GE RS232P - Standard Low Voltage Switch :: Low Voltage Relays and Switches :: Electrical :: Electrical Supplies | Lighting | Motors | - Galesburg Electric Inc

GE Low voltage lighting systems from the 50s 60s and 70s
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