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i replaced a light in my basement and it comes on and stays on tried replacing the switch not turning off also checked old switch in another room and its working just fine help im lost
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Welcome to the forums.

Tell us more about the light, how's it's connected to the house wiring in the ceiling, what other wires are in the ceiling and then the same information about connections and wires in the switch box.
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its track lighting has the white black and green ground same for celling wires the switch box has a red black and white no ground there is a switch and receptial looks to have a wire frm the common to the switch and to recpt netural is on left side of rect none in switch just black and red
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I really don't understand your last reply. Are the switch and receptacle combined or is there a separate switch and receptacle? If combined what color wires on the side that has two brass screws and is the tab on that side intact? What color wire on the brass screw on the other side on the switch end? What color wire on the silver screw? Are you sure there are no wires in the back of the box?

If a separate switch and receptacle what color wires on the switch? What color wires on the receptacle?

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