Passing Romex into conduit


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Passing Romex into conduit

I'm running wiring for an air conditioning compressor. I'll need to run from the breaker, through the attic, and then into a conduit attached to the outside wall of the house, where the compressor will sit.

I imagine I'll likely run the conduit up into the soffit of the house. My question is, what do I use to transition from running the cable in free space in the garage into the conduit? I imagine I need some kind of clamp or box or something, as the edge of the conduit is probably a hazard to cutting the insulation of the cable.
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You need to install something to bush the end of the conduit. This can be a plastic bushing, a connector, or coupling for the conduit being used. (IE: EMT connector of EMT, PVC coupling for PCV, etc.) If it is fished, you do not need to secure the cable. If it is open you need to install a staple within 12" of the conduit.

Just as a note, type NM-b is not rated for outside, even in conduit. You would need to transition to UF, or THWN wires and a j-box to make your splice. OR you could just run UF the entire run.
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Two quick notes:
  1. Romex=Type NM-b=Romex;
  2. You will need a box in which you splice from the Romex to outside-rated conductors if you start with Romex, as Tolyn said. That will need to be a weatherproof box if it is mounted outside.
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You can use something like this:

Also what Tolyn said about needing UF-B even in conduit outside.
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Thanks, all! This is why I post in this forum.

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