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using 10g jumper cable wires as permanent wire.... truck to winch ??

using 10g jumper cable wires as permanent wire.... truck to winch ??


Old 01-22-13, 07:48 PM
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using 10g jumper cable wires as permanent wire.... truck to winch ??

I was just wondering if you could not or should not use a set of jumper cable wires as a permanent set up for a truck extra battery to winch set up for ( both front and rear ) , the wire is 10 gauge but the plastic sheath or whatever its called seems kinda thin ??

is the wire the same as 10g regular stranded wire, or is there something to not allow it to take heat ??

I have one set that is 30 feet in length and sometimes need the power to the rear of the vehicle, is there a way to run it back to the trailer hitch area ??

I have 3 sets of jumper cable wire that is not being used, no clamps on one end, I just wondered if it could be done and why could you or should not do it as permanent install .....yes I'm cheap :NO NO NO:
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Old 01-22-13, 08:00 PM
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I don't have a strong opinion on the wire itself, not having seen it. BUT, make sure you use a fuse or circuit breaker very close to the battery. I've witnessed paint burning from the side of a vehicle during an overload of a winch.
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I probably wouldn't do it, it's been my experience that many jumper cables are of poor quality, and given the temporary, short-term nature of their use, those quality issues wouldn't manifest.

I would look for a stranded, outdoor-rated cable, like something meant to be tied to a messenger wire.
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I hook my inverters up with THWN. Use a solderless lug to connect to your battery.

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Old 01-23-13, 05:47 AM
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10 ga is not heavy enough for any kind of winch and the plastic coating on most booster cables can crack and fall off in cold weather if flexed.

A 3000 lb winch which is a pretty small winch can draw over 200 amps.
An 8000 lb winch can draw almost 500 amps.

Quality welding cable is commonly used for hooking up a winch.
make sure you use a fuse as was already suggested and when routing the cable use common sense like not routing it in contact with a plastic fuel tank or anything that can be damaged by an overheated cable.

What size winch will you be using?

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