Electric diagram !!! I'm confused


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Electric diagram !!! I'm confused

Hi guys,
First I want to apologize for the quality of my English, I'm French speaking and I live in Quebec, Canada.
I have a problem with the wiring of 2 electric baseboard coupled to an electronic thermostat. Here is the situation:
In the thermostat box I have a copper wire.
In the first baseboard -1 copper wire and 1 large aluminum wire (probably from the main electrical box) All blacks are together and all whites are together.
In the second baseboard -1 copper wire
Can someone explain to me how this is wired?
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Welcome to the forums!

The large aluminum wire is more likely part of the baseboard heater rather than from your main panel. Copper wires in appliances are sometimes tinned (soldered) at the factory and look like aluminum, but if you cut a little bit off, you'll see the inside is actually copper.

I think a few pictures might help. Everything needs two wires to work, usually one black (hot) and one white (neutral), and then also most often a bare or green ground.
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I'm sure that the aluminum wire is from main panel

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