Some questions on handling sales "inspection" write ups.


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Some questions on handling sales "inspection" write ups.

I'm selling a former rental that's located several hundred miles away. Many of the write ups are minor "handy-man" type things that I'll either pay too much to have done, or do myself when in the area prior to closing. But the electrical items may be big enough to pay for repair, or do some of them myself when I'm there.

Need some basic questions answered. I've done a smattering of electrical on some of my 20 rentals over the years, but every one of those was built since 1979 or so, and this place was built in about the early 1960s I think.

About 5 of the plugs are testing "no ground". These are not all on the same circuit and are in various rooms, a couple are outside. What should I look for?

The laundry room is in an addition and the washer/dryer plugs are in the former exterior (brick) wall. The washer plug is testing reverse polarity. Just switch the wires around?

The dryer plug (220) is "loose in the wall and there is no junction box". (The inspector took a bad picture and I'm not sure I could upload it here), it looks like the plug is slid into a cut-out in the brick (may be an old metal box) but doesn't appear to be mounted to anything.
Should I get one of the plastic/nylon boxes and mount it securely to the brick? Or perhaps enlarge the hole, mount the plastic box and secure the plug in it?

The GFCI in the bathroom is testing no ground, but it's protecting two other plugs and they test grounded. Does it sound like there is just no ground on that circuit?

Thanks in advance for all your help. Even if I have to pay someone it doesn't sound like more than a couple of hours work for an experienced electrician.

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With so many testing "no ground" we need to know the age of the house? Do you know if it has a 3 wire service to the receptacles in the first place? Sometimes it is as easy as attaching the grounding wire to the receptacle green screw. Other times it must be traced back to the breaker panel. Where is this house located? It helps to know if it is common for multi wire branch circuits to exist, which is not common in some parts of the country.

Reverse polarity, yeah, probably as easy as swapping wires.

You can post pictures here so we can see the receptacle for the Dryer. Being on a brick wall, you may need to install a new box or receptacle with cover.

Is the house wired with NM cable, BX, AC, conduit, etc? Sounds as if the GFCI grounding wire is not attached to the receptacle's screw, or it is non existent.
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Thanks Chandler,

I received a PDF of the inspection report this AM but for some reason I can't copy pix from it??? Doesn't matter as I can see in the picture of the dryer plug that the plug was just slid into the cut-out in the brick. I wonder though, will I need to upgrade to the "newer" (I think it's a) 4 wire plug or can I leave it as a 3?

The house was built in the mid-60s I believe, and is in a small town outside of Austin TX, if that helps.

I'm going to down there to take care of the "handy-man" type stuff; one small broken window, two bad pieces of 1X4 trim, some bad window window glazing strips myself. On the electrical that I can't easily and correctly lrepair myself I'll call a licensed guy that has done work for me before and have him handle. As I'll be there for a week I know he can work me into his schedule.

Thanks for your quick response, having someone guide me along makes me confident enough to tackle things within my realm, and humble enough to know when to phone the pros.

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Making a repair like installing a new box or mounting the old one should not trigger the need to upgrade the wiring.
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If you can't copy a picture from a PDF make a screen shot, crop to the picture ,and size to an approximate width of 700-800 pixels or as close as you can get without blurring..

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