Doorbell wiring issue


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Doorbell wiring issue

I decided to remove the old Chroma-chime left behind by the old owners. The original bell chime was still on the wall next to it but had a jumper attached for the back door bell. Anyway took it down and now can't figure out how to wire old chime back up.
Should be simple, 3 wires; white-red-green. 3 screws on old chime; front, back, trans.
Can't find any combo that works. The red wire doesn't seem to do anything and as soon as I hook up the white and green the strikers start hitting the chimes.

Any ideas?
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You have three wires there. Do you have a rear doorbell button ?

If two of those wires activates the doorbell without pushing any buttons then maybe one of the buttons is shorted.

The most common way to arrive with 3 wires at the doorbell is a two wire from rear button to xfrmr location. A two wire from front button to the xfrmr and a three wire from xfrmr to doorbell.

Look for transformer in basement. You should find connections/splices there.
You may also find transformer on main panel.

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