wire for gas boiler


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wire for gas boiler

Do we need a dedicated circuit for gas boiler (for heating)? I am thinking add two receptacles to the boiler wire circuit. Is this ok from code point of view? thanks.
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This might be a question to ask in the electrical forum... I'm gonna move it from the boiler forum to there...

I should think that the electrical guys would have their code books right at hand!

I don't know if it's against code or not, but I don't think I would do it myself.
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National Electric Code requires a dedicated circuit for central heating equipment but your LOCAL code may have amended this requirement. When I had a new furnace installed the installers insisted on putting in a duplex receptacle ahead of the local disconnect on the furnace in spite of the fact that an existing receptacle was installed within three feet of the furnace. They told me it was something they routinely installed.

After I had my replacement furnace installed (they originally installed the wrong one) I went back and removed their receptacle.

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