new 220 plug and outlet


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new 220 plug and outlet

I am changing my bandsaw over from 110 to 220 volts. Can I simply wire a new standard 120 outlet and keep the plug that is on the saw or do I have to get a new plug and a 220 volt outlet which will run about $15 dollars? The outlet will be on the ceiling and it will be marked 220. Since I am the only one using the workshop there is not a problem with someone accidentally plugging anything else into it. Also can I run the cable from an existing 220 outlet to the new location? In other words have two outlets (using only one at a time)off of one line?
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No......that is an absolute no no. :NO NO NO:

It is.... way to easy to plug something in accidentally. Spend the 15.00 and be safe. can have two receptacles on the same 240 volt circuit.
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There is no reason to label the 240 receptacle (unless you just want to). The way the slots are arranged, there's zero possibility of someone plugging a 120v plug.
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I know that a 220 won't fit but what I wanted to do was not use a 220 receptacle and go with a regular 110 one. It is a cost thing and not a safety thing. Now that I look at the situation after I cut off the plug that is now on the bandsaw and buy both a 220 plug and a 220 receptacle I will have to do it with another machine so now I will be up past $30 dollars. There is no chance of anyone plugging into the 220 except me so my question was is there any reason other than the obvious why it can't be done? Would the receptacle melt or not work for some reason, the amps wouldn't be any higher so I don't see why it wouldn't work. They use 220 in Europe on everything.
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They use 220 in Europe on everything.
Two totally different electrical systems. Europe does not use an electrical system with a grounded center tap to provide 120 volts. All devices are 220 volts. No chance of a miss-plug. You have been told how to do it and you have also been corrected on the correct voltage for the US which is not 220 volts. We can't stop you only tell you what is wrong.
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It is a cost thing and not a safety thing

It was already clearly stated that you should not do this.

Somehow you want to justify a situation that could potentially kill someone.

If you are going to do it you won't get any sane blessing here.

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The entire reason the ends are different is so that no one can interchange something from a different voltage. Your idea defeats this safeguard.
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Yep, the blessing won't come from here. $30 is chump change when compared to personnel safety. It's against code, and has nothing to do with European voltages. They use the same voltage for virtually everything. Have you rewired the motor on your saw, yet? It needs to be done, too. Just for information.

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