What's a reasonable price for a 8kw standby generator?


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What's a reasonable price for a 8kw standby generator?

I am having serious buyers remorse. Salesman has a previously owned, but never used, 8kw generator (Eaton EGEN8, identical to the 8kw Generac) with full factory warranty at 25% off. I was on the fence about buying a generator and jumped on it without doing any comparison shopping. Now I am having serious buyers remorse; I am thinking the price he gave me 25% off of was too high, and this genny is no bargain. I have 3 business days to cancel...

What would you expect a complete install of a 8kw generator to run from a reputable firm?

Story he gave me was that someone wanted a generator in that day, and didn't want to waste time talking about it. He didn't understand that a 8kw wasn't going to power his entire 10,000sf house. When he realized that, he had them replace it with a 60kw and they took the 8kw back, but couldn't sell it as new.
When he told me the story it made sense, but now it just seems like a story.
Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of time to do comparison shopping now, so i am hoping someone will know what they go for.
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I'm a little lost here.
Are you buying the generator or an installed package.

I install generators but will not even suggest a quote without seeing the application. Just too many variables.
And now .... planning boards, zoning, fire inspectors, sub code officials etc. everyone is in on the installation and every town is a little different.
Last two 20K's we installed were over 300.00 in permit fees each.

I found that Eaton genny at Eaton and nowhere else. No one appears to be selling that model.

And that from 8k to 60k does sound like a story. We recently installed a 48K Kohler. That's a BIG unit for a house. Some serious gas consumption.
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I am buying an installed package. Permits, installation, and all.
What is a normal price for a 8kw; assume it is the 8kw Generac Guardian, as that seems to be identical to the Eaton.

He claims the guy wanted it installed that day. When the salesman tried to explain that they needed to see the application, the customer asked if he wanted the job or not. The way he explained it, it made sense; now it does not.
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There are too many site variables to give a price estimate.

Labor costs, permits and other things will affect the price.
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assume it is the 8kw Generac Guardian, as that seems to be identical to the Eaton.
That's a good assumption as Generac makes the Eaton line and private labels, obviously, the outer panel only. Pull off a cover and all the labels say Generac.

Generac 8,000-Watt Automatic Standby Generator with 100-Amp Transfer Switch 5870 at The Home Depot

HD gets $2,204 for just the generator, how much were you quoted for an installed price?
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My Generac 7 Kw auto standby system cost me $2000. Then you need to add wire, pipe (fuel), labor. I did all the work myself and would guess a fair installed price woule be $4000 to $5000 for the average total cost.
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The last time I checked HD was offering installed units for $3,000 to $3,500. You can fill out an online form to ask them for a consultation.

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