[Richard M.] how to identify the wirings


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[Richard M.] how to identify the wirings

i have 3-speed fan motor. i can't determine the wiring. how to identify the starting coil, and running coil. i need the solutions or computations on how to identify it by using the resistance of the coil. please help.
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More information will help us. What is the make and model of the motor?Can you include a picture of the nameplate on the motor? See How To Put Pictures In Your Post.
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Generic instructions, your particular motor may be a bit different.

Using a low range ohmmeter find the single lead that shows continuity to both of the remaining leads. This lead will be the common or L2 lead. With one ohmmeter lead connected to the common measure the resistance of the remaining two leads. The lead with the higher resistance is the running winding and the lead with the lower resistance will be the starting winding.

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