convert battery-operated to house current


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convert battery-operated to house current

I have 4 candles for window display but they are battery-operated and use batteries up quickly. I would like to wire them so I could just plug them into the wall. Each candles takes 3 'C' batteries - 1.5 volts each.
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To do what you want you will need to get a plug in DC transformer commonly called a "wall wart". It will convert 120 volt AC to something around the 1.5 - 4.5 volts DC your lights need (depending how the batteries are configured).

First thing to do is take a meter and read the output off the (new) batteries going to light bulb. Or if you know how they are connected (all end to end for example) you can just add them up for 4.5 volts.

Universal DC transformers are less than $10
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How are you planning to connect wires to these candles?
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You can also buy AC candles at your local craft store for under $5 each.
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Yes, I plan on plugging them into a wall outlet. I have a class 2 transformer - input=120V 60 Hz output: 5V 300mA. Can I use it to wire candle ? How?
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I have used a wood dowel the size of the battery with a panhead sheet metal screwed in the end with a wire underneath. Exactly how you do this depends on battery configuration. Two batteries in a row vertically is easy. Just a dowel the diameter and length of the batteries and a screw on one end and screw and washer on the spring contact end. Four batteries across horizontal may require two battery sized dummies in the middle and one dowel with a screw and wire on each end.

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