Help for Solar/battery/inverter


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Help for Solar/battery/inverter

Hey guys,

My buddy have all the gear to hook up solar panel to cabin for a few lights etc. He has 6 2V battery cells from a forklift battery, a 1700 W inverter and a solar panel. Name:  Solar.jpg
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I have a small drawing attached.. Can someone help?? thanks
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You would need a battery charging unit to control the solar power to charge the batteries. The 6 cells would be connected in series to provide a 12 volt battery power to the inverter.
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I changed your drawing a bit.

Like DMCman mentioned ..... you will need a charge controller between the solar bank and the batteries.

You'll notice a fuse in green. That protects your wiring from catastrophic shorts. I actually have it shown in the wrong place. It should be as close as physically possible to the battery. That fuse would be slightly larger than your inverter draw.

With a 1700 watt inverter...... maybe 300-400 amps @ 12 vdc
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thanks PJMAX.. I forgot to mention the charge control, which he does have
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You might consider using 12 volt light bulbs instead of 120 volt. They do make 12 volt CFL's that would be ideal. They even fit regular fixtures! 13 watt=600 cfl's versus 800 for a 120 volt bulb. But, you're only drawing 13 watts and can keep the inverter powered down.

Try to run the inverter as little as possible. You lose efficiency with the inverter, maybe 10-15% and it all adds up.

1700 watts at 12 volts is 142 amps. I'd suggest a fuse of about 175-200 amps max or what the inverter specs.
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I agree with aandpdan. Use 12 volt light bulbs. You can even find LEDs made for 12 volts. My guess is a cheap power inverter runs less then 80% efficiency.

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