Removing connectors


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Removing connectors

Hi, apologies in advance if I use the wrongs terms. I'm trying to change the timer on my combi-boiler, but I can't work out how to disconnect to wire connections. They seemed to be clamped on. The attached photo, is what I'm talking about. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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Those terminal connectors are most likely crimped onto the wire. They will slip onto a tab and have a smaller tab that fits into a hole or slot? Sometimes a small tool is needed to release it. You may also be able to slip that insulating cover off gently to see better what you are dealing with? At least that's what the ones I run into are like.

I hope this helps.

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Before you do what matricha said. Hold the clear plastic with the shiney metal in it, not the wires. Firmly pull and wiggle up and down. It can be very difficult. But the shiney metal part should slip off a flat metal piece that sticks out. Write down which wire went where. The new part will have the same flat metal pieces. If you line them up right and push hard, and wiggle, the connectors will slide on. And it will be a tight, good connection.

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